.About Us

Ufresh Cold Storage Warehouse (USHD) brand, a service arm of Ugur Integrated Food Company, the last subsidiary of Ugur Group of Companies, which started trading in 1954, has national leadership in the sectors it invested in and succeeded in creating brands that have a voice in the world.

With the assurance of nearly 60 years of experience in safe food storage of Uğur Cooling, which is one of the group companies, 11 units with a cold room volume of (-40 ° C), (-18 ° C) and (0 ° C) degrees within the body of (-40 ° C) and (0 ° C). serves in the cold room.

Our shocking and storage warehouses have a total area of ​​1,435 m² and consist of 11 separate warehouses.

2 of the 11 cold storage tanks (-4 ° C0) can store degrees, 1 of them (-18 ° C) degrees, and 8 of them (0 ° C).

It can be rented on a room and weight basis in our cold storage depots using the latest technology. In our facility, product cleaning and packaging system service can be done with hygienic and professional facilities.

All kinds of fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, and dairy products and frozen products can be stored in Ufresh Cold Storage Rooms.